melomanias, etc.

terça-feira, outubro 18, 2011

I've moved on

terça-feira, agosto 16, 2011


If I could have the answer to one question only, it would be: why did you stop loving me?

sexta-feira, agosto 12, 2011

Portnoy's Complaint #1

"All I do is complain, the repugnance seems bottomless, and I'm beginning to wonder if maybe enough isn't enough. I hear myself indulging in the kind of ritualized bellyaching that is just what gives psychoanalytic patients such a bad name with the general public."

Philip Roth

terça-feira, agosto 09, 2011

People say

They want true friends, and true love. They're liars. Liars!

They couldn't find the time! And even if they did find it, where's the devotion?

(Please read this post like you were Audrey Hepburn - that's how I imagined the words in my head)

sexta-feira, agosto 05, 2011

Everyone's a geek nowadays

domingo, julho 31, 2011

The only thing at which people do not fail

Is to disappoint you.

sexta-feira, julho 22, 2011

Dr. Oetker

Thank you for curing my appetitis majoris with your delicious pizzas.

quinta-feira, julho 21, 2011

The question is not what makes us like a particular song

The question is why don't we all like the same song.

domingo, julho 17, 2011

"Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me"

"No hope, no harm,
Just another false alarm."

Why are all the men I love either gay, Jew or somehow rather unattainable?

segunda-feira, julho 11, 2011

Are you (still) afraid of the dark?

"I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark."

Stephen Hawking in an interview for the Guardian.

sábado, julho 02, 2011

We need the eggs

"Well, I guess that's pretty much now how I feel about relationships – you know, they're totally irrational and crazy and absurd, but, I guess we keep going through it because most of us need the eggs."

quinta-feira, junho 30, 2011

I would vote for him #2

I'm normally a law-abiding citizen, but:
- Law is not something that applies only to those who more easily get caught;
- Law is not universal or irrevocable (that's moral principles you're thinking of);
- Every citizen should have a say in the making and revising of laws.

domingo, junho 26, 2011

"No gene is an island"

Says George Wolfe, my favorite Biology teacher.

quinta-feira, junho 23, 2011

Originality is overrated: Everything is a remix

Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Which reminds me of this great remix:

terça-feira, junho 21, 2011

Summer solstice

- Today is the longest day of the year!
- Well, that depends.
- No, it doesn't. It's the Summer solstice!
- I'm afraid my clock runs on a SPV.
- SPV?
- Subjective Point of View.
- Of course it does.

sábado, junho 18, 2011

Study of the soul, no more

"Psychology has a long past, but only a short history."
Hermann Ebbinghaus

quarta-feira, junho 15, 2011

The real heroes

The Fantastic How Many? The What-Letter-Team? The Doctor Who? (Oh! That one exists...)

Anyway: forget those pussycats. Because nothing compares to the might and groove of THE IMMUNE SYSTEM!!

terça-feira, junho 14, 2011

É tão bom chegar tarde

E não chegar atrasada.

segunda-feira, junho 13, 2011

Happy birthday, dear Pessoa

I'm afraid there's no cake, but Google made a special doodle just for you.

domingo, junho 12, 2011

Are you afraid of being wrong?

sábado, junho 11, 2011

The invisible hands of a few

One of these nights I watched the Inside Job and I found myself wishing something for the first time in a long time: market regulation. Yes, Neil, we need "Middle-Class Heroes"* more than ever. But what do those people in the government have to do with that? They're some of the few who're benefiting from this crisis most of us are paying for. And on top of that, I'm supposed to give them my vote (approving of the system)?

* I'm aware that the song by The Divine Comedy aka Neil Hannon says nothing related to the subject debated here. But I can't help the feeling that the middle-class is an endangered species in a world where economic power is increasingly concentrated in a few people. And since democracy isn't working the way it should, I guess yes, we need some heroes with special super hyper powers. So I'll just stick to the title of the song (and to the irony implied, of course).

sexta-feira, junho 10, 2011

Disturbed synapses

(Existential bla bla takes place here. Just imagine it - I feel too lazy to do it myself.)

- Anyway, life goes on. And people change - except that they don't. That is, unless you provide them with a big blow in the head.

quinta-feira, junho 09, 2011

I would vote for him

quarta-feira, junho 08, 2011

Music is my prayer


Meu amor essa é a última oração
Pra salvar seu coração
Coração não é tão simples quanto pensa
Nele cabe o que não cabe na despensa
Cabe o meu amor!
Cabem três vidas inteiras
Cabe uma penteadeira
Cabe nós dois
Cabe até o meu amor, essa é a última oração
Pra salvar seu coração
Coração não é tão simples quanto pensa
Nele cabe o que não cabe na despensa
Cabe o meu amor!
Cabem três vidas inteiras
Cabe uma penteadeira
Cabe nós dois
Cabe até o meu amor, essa é a última oração
Pra salvar seu coração
Coração não é tão simples quanto pensa
Nele cabe o que não cabe na despensa
Cabe o meu amor!
Cabem três vidas inteiras
Cabe uma penteadeira
Cabe essa oração"

A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade (written by Leo Fressato)

terça-feira, junho 07, 2011

No love is puré

Pardon. No love is pure (the automatic correction tricked me again). Love is the dirtiest thing of all - just look at the fluids going in and out. Makes you more discriminating than ever - there's only one person right for you (yes, I'm assuming you're monogamous). It makes you more selfish - you want him / her just for you. Except when you're mad at him - usually for an insane reason - and then you just want to kill him.

segunda-feira, junho 06, 2011

Abstention wins the elections in Portugal

To be a citizen is more than placing a cross on a vote ballot once in a while. I don't feel like a puppet so I've cut the string and I want, not a new party, but a new system. Democracy? Possibly, if it only were. Maybe technological advances will make it possible for all citizens to take an active role in shaping the society they live in. Until then, abstention is my party.

sábado, junho 04, 2011

The opposite of K.I.S.S.

"Poisson distribution"
That's French to me.

"σ2 = Σ ( Xi - μ )2 / N"
That's Greek to me.

Can't you make it plain English?

quinta-feira, junho 02, 2011

La Palicean heartbreaker

If her heart was really made of stone
then it wasn't made of flesh and bone.

terça-feira, maio 31, 2011

Two artists, one feeling

Is it just me or is "Do I Disappoint You" the perfect soundtrack for "De Profundis"?

domingo, maio 29, 2011

Goodnight, mon amour imaginaire

I want to trade logic for wonder
Sleep when I'm awake
And spend my life dreaming
Because dreams - they're real
And reality feels numb - except
When I'm with you

But you're someone else's darling
Or you just don't care to know me
So dreams are my only way
Of bringing us together

So goodnight
And sleep tight

sábado, maio 28, 2011

Democratize democracy #2